Unlocking Business Success: Leveraging Parker Russell Turner’s Corporate & Compliance Services

Establishing a successful business requires more than just a vision; it demands strategic planning and the right support. Parker Russell Turner (PRT) excels in providing comprehensive Corporate & Compliance services, ensuring businesses in Malta have the solid foundation they need. Here’s how PRT’s expertise can unlock your business success.

Choosing the Optimal Business Structure

Selecting the right business structure is a critical decision that impacts legal, VAT, tax, and management considerations. PRT assists entrepreneurs in navigating through various options, including self-employment, partnerships, limited liability companies, and cooperatives. The firm’s commitment is to tailor structures to each client’s needs, providing guidance on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Effective Tax Rate in Malta

Setting up a company in Malta with PRT brings numerous tax benefits, especially for non-resident ultimate beneficial owners. With a competitive tax regime, companies benefit from an effective tax rate of 5% on trading profits and 10% on passive income. PRT’s expertise ensures that companies optimize their tax positions, making Malta an attractive location for international business.

Single Member Companies

PRT facilitates the setup of single-member companies, streamlining the process for individuals vested with all powers in the company. While restricted to one trading activity, these companies offer simplicity and efficiency, aligning with the diverse needs of entrepreneurs.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

Efficiency is a hallmark of business setup in Malta with PRT. The process takes approximately five days, with an initial share capital requirement as low as €1,165. PRT ensures a seamless experience, covering the registration of the Income Tax and Value Added Tax numbers, along with the opening of a bank account in Malta.

Documents Required and Statutory Records

Before company registration, PRT conducts due diligence in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Necessary documents include passports, proof of residence, bank references, and confirmation of the source of wealth. PRT’s Corporate department goes beyond formation, maintaining statutory records and managing structural changes in compliance with the Companies Act.

Bank Accounts and Beyond

PRT recognizes Malta’s robust banking system and handles the due diligence process on behalf of clients. The Corporate department extends its services to include the opening of personal bank accounts, online banking applications, and other ancillary banking services. Through its international network, PRT offers these services globally.

Re-Organisation & Insolvency

Navigating corporate insolvency requires guidance and expertise. PRT provides essential advice, ensuring the best interests of all stakeholders are safeguarded. Whether acting as liquidators or supporting in the preparation of liquidation accounts, PRT brings a wealth of experience to corporate re-organization and insolvency matters.

Sale of Business Concerns

When entrepreneurs decide to sell their business concerns, PRT offers sound advice on tax implications and due diligence. The firm’s expertise extends to liaising with banks and ensuring the necessary documentation is submitted for a smooth transition of ownership.


In conclusion, Parker Russell Turner’s Corporate & Compliance services extend far beyond company formation. The firm’s holistic approach, coupled with its expertise in tax planning, re-organization, and compliance matters, positions businesses for sustained success. Trust PRT to be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your business.