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The Partners

Mr Arthur Turner | Managing Partner

Parker Russell Turner is made up of qualified personnal in their respetive fields. The founder of the group, Mr Arthur Douglas Turner F.C.C.A., B.A. (Hons), F.I.A., A.M.I.T., A.C.I. (Arb) C.P.A., who is also today the Managing Partner, is a Registered Auditor and a Chartered Certified Accountant. 

Mr Turner has graduated in 1991 from the University of Malta, after which he was immediatley employed with Grant Thornton Malta as an auditor of local and foreign companies. After three years at Grant Thornton Malta he joined Deloitte & Touche and was assigned a number of assignments particularly of an investigative nature. His role was that of an Audit Manager and was responsible to carry out and supervise a number of audits both locally and abroad. 

Subsequently to this he was redeployed by Grant Thornton Malta as an Audit Manager were he spent a further three years supervising the audit staff of the firm together with handling a portfolio of local and foreign clients with the assistance of two other managers employed within the audit firm. 

With regard to his academic qualifications, Mr Turner has sat for all examinations of the Association of the Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and placed 3rd in Malta and 30th worldwide in his final examinations. Today, Mr Turner is a fellow member of the above mentioned institute. His academic qualifications are not just limited to audit and advisory, but also extend to tax and investigation matters. In fact, he is a member of the Malta Institute of Taxation and an associate member of the arbitration board. In February 1997, he has branched on his own and setup Parker Russell Turner, which at the time was branded under Turner & Associates.

Daphne Azzopardi | Audit & Assurance Manager

Ms Daphne Azzopardi is one of the Managers of the Auditing Department within Parker Russell Tuner. Ms Coleiro joined the firm as a student during her studies in 2009. During this time, Ms Coleiro was trained in the various departments of the firm. After graduating as a Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) student from the University of Malta, Ms Coleiro joined the firm on a full time basis, whereby after two years, she was promoted to her current position. During this time, Ms Coleiro has finalized her studies with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Ms Coleiro is a member of the Malta Institute of Accountants and is also in pocession of a CPA and a CPAA warrant.


Dr Doreen Turner Bilocca | Corporate and Taxation Partner

Dr Doreen Turner Bilocca LLD, Dip.Tax, IFSP, Dip.Can. is the Corporate and Taxation Partner of the firm. Dr Turner Bilocca has a vast experience in commercial and legal matters and has been employed with the firm for the past eight years. 

Prior to this period, Dr Turner Bilocca was assigned the corporate division of Grant Thornton Malta. Moreover, she has spent two years as a public notary effecting public deeds. Dr Turner Bilocca is a member of the Institute of Financial Services Practioners. She specializes in local and foreign tax matters and has an advanced diploma in taxation. Dr Turner Bilocca is also a Member of the Malta Arbitration Centre and has been appointed as an Arbitrator.

In the year 2013, Dr Turner Bilocca has been appointed as the Chairperson of the International Taxation Board of Parker Russell International. As part of this appointment Dr Turner Bilocca has been entrusted to create a manual which explores the taxation regimes of a spectrum of juristictions around the world. 

Dr Turner Bilocca is also the legal practitioner of the registered Trust Mercury Management Ltd and the Director of the Marketing Agency, Innovative Business Solutions Limited.