One of our major services which sets us apart from our competitors, is that related to advisory. This service pin points our daily mission which is that of assisting our clients in an effective manner in order to help their businesses flourish and grow.

We are able to do this through maintaining a close relationship with each of our clients to be able to understand well their requirements and goals. In turn this places us in a position to not only advise but to pre-empt the client with upcoming opportunities within the market which we believe would help him in reaching his goals.

Our advisory department assists new companies or businessess being set up in new markets. This is carried out through the analysis of the traits in that particular market and through carrying out market research in relation to the potential response of the client’s target market to the product or service which will be sold by the entity.

We also help newly set-up businesses, and other businesses undertaking projects to grow, are assisted with all the dynamics required from marketing strategies, financial projections, EU funding applications, business plans and corporate government.

This service may be carried out both within the local market and also worldwide. Through this service, clients will not only benefit from the outcome of the market research that would be carried out but will also ensure that cultural barriers which otherwise would hinder their establishment in that particular country, will be overcome.

Clients will also be assisted in finding the appropriate location for their business and to obtain the necessary permits and trading licenses. This may be a cumbersome process for the client who is not familiar with these procedures. We will assist the client to overcome this, through dealing with the relative authorities. Apart from taking off the hassle from the hands of the client, through our people’s experience we will also ensure that the necessary requirements of the respective authorities are met.

Our holistic services cater for clients’ needs, which require financing from credit institutions to finance their new ventures. Our ‘Bank Health Check‘ service, not only optimizes existing bank facilities to clients but also assists clients to take up new facilities.

This is done through the preparation of cash flow projections and business plans. These are then presented to the respective bank, in the presence of the client, by an experienced and qualified auditor or accountant. The necessary follow ups are then attended to by our staff to ensure that any additional requirements of the bank are provided and that the facility is granted to the client accordingly.

Business ventures set up are also carried out hand in hand with our international partners, through our international network. A team of professionals is set-up from various fields to provide a bank of expertise catered to the clients’ needs.

Markets in diversified economies are evolving at a very fast pace whilst competition is continuously increasing, this making it difficult for businesses to continue operating without re-engineering their plans. Further, to keep up with the fast pace of technology and the ever changing laws, the business strategy has to be one which continues to evolve.

We normally start through analysing the client’s business in detail whereby we go into each and every process within the company in order to determine whether this is creating sufficient value. Through this exercise we also pin point the weaknesses within the processes and advice on ways through which the process maybe ameliorated, according to industry best practice. The business environment is in a state of continuous development and as a result continuous restructuring and re-modelling would be required.

We analyse also the business from an outer perspective whereby we determine whether the company is servicing the right target markets according to the products that it markets and assist the company to align the different elements within the company to match the target sector.

The most vital element within any company is cashflow. Thus we feel that it is important for us to assist clients in the financing of their businesses. This is done through our Bank Health Check service. Through this service our expert personnel carry out an analysis of the financial situation of the business together with carrying out an analysis of their current financing arrangement.

Clients are then advised on ways through which their current financial arrangement may be ameliorated. After preparing a proposal for the client based on his requirements and available guarantees, the client is then assisted in approaching his or her bank in order to discuss the way forward in terms of such arrangement. We assist clients in consulting other banking institutions in order to obtain better deals than what is being offered to them.

We do not only assist clients who require re-financing of their current arrangements but also assist clients in the case of new business ventures or projects.

Through a business plan one sets down the strategic goals for the company together with setting down how these goals shall be reached, strategically and financially. We can assist the client through the creation of such business plans which normally also include cash flow forecasts predicting the turnover which the activities of the company will generate for a number of years together with expenses in relation to the capital outlay and the impact on cashflow.

Especially when these exercises are required as part of a dossier to be submitted to other authorities such as banks or EU funding institutions, the client can put his mind at rest that these are being prepared by professional people in the field.

Our firm does not only handle the needs of companies in terms of changes in corporate structure but it assists clients through advice before any changes are effected. Our expert staff consult the client with regard to their requirements and provide them with advice as to the optimum solution in order to reach their mission.

This is carried out through an assessment of the different environments which surround the company, after a SWOT analysis is carried out.

We assist entities by carrying out detailed business plans, marketing plans, operational and project planning, human resource management and financial requirements. The combination of many facets together with the existing information held in relation to the entity’s products and services will result in potential growth and diversity in new markets and concepts. Capital budgets will be carried out and the necessary cashflow plans prepared.