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New Business Ventures

Our advisory department assists new companies or businessess being set up in new markets. This is carried out through the analysis of the traits in that particular market and through carrying out market research in relation to the potential response of the client’s target market to the product or service which will be sold by the entity.

This service may be carried out both within the local market and also worldwide. Through this service, clients will not only benefit from the outcome of the market research that would be carried out but will also ensure that cultural barriers which otherwise would hinder their establishment in that particular country, will be overcome. 

Clients will also be assisted in finding the appropriate location for their business and to obtain the necessary permits and trading licenses. This may be a cumbersome process for the client who is not familiar with these procedures. We will assist the client to overcome this, through dealing with the relative authorities. Apart from taking off the hassle from the hands of the client, through our people’s experience we will also ensure that the necessary requirements of the respective authorities are met. 

Our holistic services cater for clients’ needs, which require financing from credit institutions to finance their new ventures. Our ‘Bank Health Check‘ service, not only optimizes existing bank facilities to clients but also assists clients to take up new facilities. 

This is done through the preparation of cash flow projections and business plans. These are then presented to the respective bank, in the presence of the client, by an experienced and qualified auditor or accountant. The necessary follow ups are then attended to by our staff to ensure that any additional requirements of the bank are provided and that the facility is granted to the client accordingly. 

Business ventures set up are also carried out hand in hand with our international partners, through our international network. A team of professionals is set-up from various fields to provide a bank of expertise catered to the clients’ needs.