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Internal Auditing

Our firm can assist clients in the setting up and in the re-structuring of client’s internal audit function. The internal audit department within a company is instrumental as it will instil the right discipline to set goals related to internal controls and also procedures ad hoc to the organization. Further, this will enhance the efficiency of the general operations and flow of procedures within the company.

Thus it is important that this function is robust and efficient to respond to the fast changing environment within today’s economic markets. 

Through this function, we can assist you in designing an internal audit approach which is risk based, geared to reach the company’s vision and procedures required by the firm. We assisted a number of organizations also in setting up ISO compliant procedures, hand in hand with the management, to ameliorate internal audit processes. The following are the services that we offer related to internal auditing which are delivered by specialized staff who have vast experience in the field:

  • Assistance in the setting up of an Internal Audit Function;

  • Assistance in the ongoing maintenance or re-structuring within existing Audit Functions;

  • Assistance in the documentation of System Operational Procedures (SOPs);

  • Training of staff on the designed SOPs;

  • Implemenation and testing of SOPs;

  • Documentation and reporting to Management.