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BOV’S Joint Assistance Initiative for Maltese Enterprises (JAMIE)

Through Bank of Valletta, this scheme is being offered in order to assist Maltese Enterprises in financing their capital investment and working capital requirements.
BOV further identify the following ways in which the JAMIE scheme is designed to support businesses:

• To improve the performance of operations through capital investment and related working capital;
• To invest in R&D&I which will contribute towards the launching of new products and services; and
• To tap into new export markets by expanding and improving Malta based operations.

Through this scheme SMEs may obtain a financing package of up to Eur 500,000 which would certainly be instrumental to entities wishing to implement new projects.

This assistance is being granted in the form of advantageous interest rates and reduced collateral obligations which aim to address two major constraints of SMEs, being cashflow restrictions resulting in lack of investment, and lack of guarantees. The assistance will be as follows:

Interest Rate Reduction:

Interest rates will be at a rate of 2% less than normal market rates in relation to the same type of lending. BOV quote that this will result in a final interest rate of 3.5%.

Reduced collateral obligations:

Collateral obligations will be reduced by an average of 75%. This means that BOV will seek security of only 25% of the total portfolio amount (the percentage security required may increase or decrease, according to the risk profile of the proposal). This is very beneficial for SMEs when considering that normally the Bank seeks to secure fully the financing it grants through extendible collateral.

This measure is available to all SMEs in Malta, excluding those engaged in the agricultural, fisheries, gaming and pure real estate development sectors.

If you would like further information in relation to this scheme please do not hesitate to contact the Parker Randall Turner team for an appointment. Below are our contact details:

E: [email protected]

T: +356 21654567

W: www.parkerrandallturner.com

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