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Business Structures

We can assist you in selecting the best business structure for your requirements. In Malta, one can trade as a self-employed, as a partnership, as a limited liability company or as a cooperative. Each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages which we adopt specifically to your needs, in terms of legal, vat, tax and management cost considerations.

Business entrepreneurs can use various types and models of business structures in order to carry out their business activities in an effective and efficient manner. At Parker Russell Turner we strive to ensure that our clients are maximising their business strategies through solid business structures.

Every business structure has its advantages and disadvantages so proper guidance is required when planning one’s business strategy through an appropriate business structure. Choosing the wrong structure can have a catastrophic effect on one’s business.

There are instances when being a sole proprietor without any legal structure is enough. Other business situations require that an activity is carried out through an appropriate structure. The most popular corporate structure in Malta is the limited liability company. As its name implies, this structure protects the company shareholders from liability that the company might be facing. There are two other types of partnerships in Malta, namely the partnership ‘en nom collectif’ and the partnership ‘en commandite’. However, the use of the limited liability company surpasses the use of the other partnerships by far.

In Malta, the use of trusts is becoming increasingly popular. Trusts are highly used for wealth management and estate planning.