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Help in Drawing up Contracts

employment contracts

Once the candidate is selected, the client may require to draw up a contract of employment with the selected candidate. Through our affiliates, we would be able to meet the requirements of the client and draw up the contract on his or her behalf, vis-à-vis the country’s employment legislations.

essential documentation and organisational change

Our human resource department will take care to compile any engagement and/or termination forms which would be required on the commencement and termination of employees, together with submitting these to the respective authority. This ensures that your employment documentation is always kept up to date.

Another service which is offered within our human resource department relates to the documentation of human resource policies for our clients. This ensures that our clients’ employees learn correctly the policies of their employer. These documents also provide for the action that would need to be undertaken when employees fail to abide to such policies, together with the monitoring of the procedures.