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Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s world, a client’s most valuable asset could very well be his Intellectual Property.  For this reason Malta has a very sound legal framework to attract international clients in registering their IP property here.

The main four laws that regulate intellectual property in Malta, are the Trademarks Act, the Patents and Design Act, the Copyright Act and the cross border measures governing Intellectual Property Rights.

The Trademarks Act protects the brands and marks that are unique to a company. The Patents and Designs Act 2000 protects industrial property rights.  Being a member of the EU means that Malta is a member of the Community Trade Mark and Community Design system.

In Malta copyrights need not be registered since copyright works receive automatic protection.  This protection is entrenched in the law and covers the works of artists, audio-visual works, music, and literary works, amongst others.

At Parker Russell Turner, we assist our clients in various aspects  that fall under the umbrella of IP. In fact IP is one of the initial topics that are covered once we take a client on board since we would want to ensure that such an important asset is properly protected.

Thereafter we discuss the possible registration of trademarks, patents and design with the client, including the registration of trademarks within the EU.
We draft agreements between entities in order to protect the intellectual properties of our clients and their confidentiality, mode of transfer, non-disclosure and other such important aspects of every business.

We can also assist our clients in reaching out of court settlements and dispute resolutions in relation to intellectual property.