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Design, Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation

Similarly to social media, businesses cannot afford to be absent from this on-line market place.

Every website is developed with a different aim. This may be developed to act as a show case of the business’ products, to educate the business’ target audience or as an e-commerce platform. In any case, prior to deciding to design and develop his or her website, one must define the aim that this website will seek to reach.

Through our dedicated web programmers, we guide our client on the type of website which will suit his or her particular needs. We also assist our clients on the design, structure and image that the website will transmit to its audience.

This is what will make the internet user decide whether to continue browsing the website or not. One of the major traits in which the on-line market differs from the traditional market is the fast pace with which the users browse. Therefore a website will have only a few seconds time to impact the end user. If this is not achieved, the potential client will be lost, never to return.

Nonetheless, prior to striving to achieve the initial positive impact of the website on the client, we ensure that the target audience of our clients actually comes across our client’s website. This is done through strategies which our programmers use and which we refer to as Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

Content writing is one of the strategies that we use towards the achievement of this goal. Our expert content writers carry out research in relation to the content which one needs to include in his or her website in order to add value to the reader and ultimately increase the ranking of the website on search engine platforms through the targeted audience.

Our content writers also take care to educate the client in optimising his or her own content together with providing guidance on the frequency with which this content needs to be uploaded or upgraded. Continuous reports are then provided to the client to enable him to assess the success of the content and of the website in general. Analysis will also be carried out on the website to analyse from where the traffic is being generated and the audience interested in the content being presented.