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Development of Marketing Plans

Clients normally require these services when they would like to launch or market a product. Primarily, the goals of the client are identified, analysed and documented in order to lay down the scope of the marketing plan and the related research.

Further to this a study of the current environment in which the product will be launched or marketed is carried out. The latter will include a study of the client’s potential clients, competitors and the market at large. Furthermore a study is also carried out on the product itself, how this will be positioned in the target market and evaluated toward the needs of the client.

According to the outcome of the research, marketing strategies will be adopted and will be analysed. These are evaluated in conjunction with the marketing mix of the client.

In order to assist the client in visualising realistically the efforts that will need to be engaged, a tactical plan is also drawn up within this section of the marketing plan. This lays down all the vehicles and efforts that need to be utilised in all the elements of the marketing mix. These elements would be integrated together and aimed at reaching the goals the client would have in mind.

In the same marketing plan we also document the tools that will subsequently be used in order to follow up and monitor the outcome of the plan together with the frequency of such testing.

During the research and development process of the marketing plan, the actions are tested for feasibility within the consultancy department of the firm. Therefore our clients have the assurance that their marketing budget will be used cost effectively and according to the specific needs of the client.