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Email Marketing & Newsletters

E-mail marketing nowadays is one of the easiest and most reliable tools which one may use to reach his or her target audience. One needs to ensure that a plan is carried out to maximise the effectiveness of this strategy.

Through our e-mail marketing service, we will determine who the target readers of the client are, determine the potential responses vis-à-vis this target market and the product they are marketing. The purpose of an e-mail marketing campaign will then be defined together with the goals our client wishes to reach.

Depending on the target market of the client and the nature of the product being marketed, the frequency of e-mail marketing shots will be determined together with the start and end date of the campaign. The client will have the assurance that through our expertise, we will be able to advise the optimum strategy.

Our strategies will ensure that e-mail marketing will target our audience, and add value to the end receiver. Our in-house expert content writers will advise the client on the content that their target audience seeks which will subsequently optimize the effectiveness of the e-mail marketing campaign.