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Marketing Research

Our marketing services aim to gather, analyse and interpret the data in relation to a challenge that our client may wish to address. Marketing research may be carried out in relation to various areas including but not limited to:

  • Potential new target market sectors;
  • Development of new products based on the market’s needs and wants of the clientele;
  • The market’s potential response to a proposed product before the same product is developed;
  • Consumer behaviour in relation to potential marketing communication efforts which may be undertaken prior, during and after the launch of a product;
  • Development of a brand and a marketing concept;
  • Other ad hoc marketing research upon client’s request.

The marketing research services described above enable the client to make informed decisions and minimize the risk that one would otherwise be undertaking when launching a product in the market without carrying out the necessary testing and studies.

Market research would open the potential for other areas in view of the fact that a market analysis will be carried out and through this research untapped services would be explored to their potential. Our marketing approach is carried out through primary and secondary research methods according to the nature of the situation which needs to be addressed, the budget of the client and the timeframe within which the client requires the outcome of the research.

In any case, the marketing research services offered by our firm are carried out in a seamless manner, with the least disruption to the client and also taking into account the financial budget of every organisation.