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Social Media Campaigns

Given the time that people are spending on-line and more specifically on social media, one cannot afford to be absent from this medium.

Studies show that as time goes by, people are changing their searching habits. Where traditionally internet users search organically for information through search engines, nowadays the tendency is that people are searching for the same information through social media.

Generally, people rely more on the opinions of trusted sources, for instance that of family, friends and work affiliates. Therefore, the possibility of asking on social media in relation to information he or she requires is viewed to be more useful. Only to give an example, one can search on Google for ‘The best restaurant in a certain area’ however people nowadays prefer to ask their contacts, with whom they can normally relate, and ask for their opinion and feedback, on social media platforms for their opinion.

Therefore, one realises the importance to have his or her product marketed on social media platforms, in particular to the ambassadors of these platforms and obtain testimonials from these people whose opinion is normally more valued.

Through our services, we devise and implement social media campaigns geared to meet the client’s goals vis-à-vis his or her targeted audience. Based on the client’s requirements, we can take care of the maintenance of the social media platforms through frequent contact with clients or the target audience.