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Relocating & Residence Planning

In today’s world, many people decide to leave their homeland and move to another country. Many people are moving to Malta, which is becoming very popular as a result of our stable economy, all year round good weather and the general safety and feel-good feeling.

It is already a hassle for the person that wants to move his residency and that of his family, without him having to think of and manage the paperwork required for relocation. We take care of all of that and help our clients to make a seamless transmission from their country into Malta.

Through Parker Russell International, we also assist clients to relocate from their homeland not only to Malta but also to other parts of the world where Parker Russell International has a representation.

For some individuals, residency is not a matter of choice but for many others, residency is an aspect of their life which they plan for business and tax planning purposes. Malta can offer a residency of choice for those individuals that are attracted to our country for employment purposes or in order to establish a business activity. 

We can assist our clients in settling down in Malta. We work hand in hand with other professionals including real estate agents, notaries and others, to assist individuals in taking care of all the necessary procedures for the attainment of a Malta residency. Our services include but are not limited to, applications for work and residency permits, registration of the clients with the taxation, national insurance and VAT departments, opening of bank accounts and liaison with other professionals that might be required.