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Member Firms

The network and its member firms pride themselves on the modern technology, which is the pillar on which the firms’ processes and procedures are built on. The network is established on a sense of community further to which, professionals unite to offer various technical and support services. These communities in the various specialized fields, provide member firms with world class expertise, consequently giving them the opportunity to continue to enhance their service offerings, which the member firms provide to their own clients.


Andiel Parker Randall (Bulgaria)
Parker Randall (Cyprus)
Parker Randall Chartered Accountants (Cyprus)
Parker Randall Chartered Accountants (Cyprus North)
Fredick (Denmark)
AJP Revision APS (Denmark)
Spira, Twist & Associes (French)
LM Audit & Tax GmbH (Germany)
Parker Randall Turner (Malta)
Parker Randall Accounting SRL (Romania)
Altay Audit Consulting Co. Ltd (Russia)
Lawbird (Spain)
Quantum Business Development (Switzerland)
Karma Bagimsiz Denetim A.S. (Turkey)
Parker Randall Chartered Accountants (UK)

Middle East

Dar Najd Group Economic & Financial Consultancy(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Abdullatif Al-Majid & Co (Kuwait)
Compex Auditing and Accounting (Lebanon)
Al-Mohannadi Accounting & Auditing (Qatar)
Climax Yemen Audit and Consulting (Republic of Yemen)
Parker Randall Haris & Associates (UAE)

South America

Macek, Gutierrez Contadores Publicos (Argentina)
Gutierrez & Thompson Asociados S.R.L. (Bolivia)
Parker Randall Brazil (Brazil)
Parker Randall Chile Auditores S.A. (Chile)
Parker Randall Colombia S.A.S (Colombia)
Jezl Contadores Auditores CIA. LTDA. (Ecuador)
Daniel Elicetche & Associados S.C. (Paraguay)
Navarro & Asociados Contadores Publicos (Perú)
Barreto, Araque & Asociados, S.C. (Venezuela)

North / Central America

Rankin Berkower (Cayman Islands)
Vasquez Viera & Asociados Contadores (El Salvador)
Erick Leony & Asociados, S.C. (Guatemala)
Parker Randall Mexico (Mexico)
McKenzie & McKenzie S.A. (Panama)
Gnosis Professional Services LLC (USA)


Parker Randall Eastern Africa (Africa)
Mass International (Botswana)
Aziz & Co (Egypt)
Parker Randall Mauritius (Mauritius)
Parker Randall Offor / Mail Office (Nigeria)
Parker Randall (Sudan)

Asia / Pacific

Parker Randall CF (Hong Kong)
AJSH & Co. Chartered Accountants (India)
KAP Gideon Adi & Rekan (Indonesia)
Afrizan Tarmili Khairul Azhar (AF 1300) (Malaysia)
Parker Randall A.J.S (Pakistan)
Parker Randall (Singapore)