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Parker Russell Turner helping Puttinu Cares in its fund raising event

Xarabank for Puttinu Cares on ‘Good Friday’

Increasing numbers of Maltese patients are faced with the trauma of fighting life affecting illnesses and many of these conditions require specialised treatment in overseas hospitals which very often entails that patients stay abroad for weeks and months. The Puttinu Cares Foundation was set up with this in mind so as to support the families of children suffering from cancer but has over the years provided adults, suffering from various conditions and who needed treatment abroad, with accommodation.

Travelling for medical care also involves finding a place to stay and most patients travel with a family member/s for support. Finding accommodation in London is both difficult and expensive and thus, without the support of Puttinu Cares, many patients would not be able to withstand the financial and emotional burden.

Thanks to the generosity of the Maltese public, the Puttinu Cares Foundation has, over the last decade, acquired property close to the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. This hospital is one of the main cancer treatment centres in London and many Maltese patients, young and old, are referred there for specialised treatment. In Sutton, Puttinu Cares owns 19 fully furnished apartments that are offered free-of-charge to Maltese patients. Undoubtedly, this helps many Maltese families avoid the added financial burden that a protracted stay in the UK for life saving treatment entails, and hence can be more focused on the treatment required be their child/relative. The demand for these apartments is so high that they are invariably always full with Maltese patients. 

The Puttinu Cares Foundation’s main objectives are:

  1. To run and upkeep the 19 apartments in Sutton at a cost of Eur 200,000 p.a., together with helping and assisting the families making use of them;
  2. Supporting other patients and their families who make use of accomodation in the United Kingdom, other than the apartments operated by Puttinu Cares. The cost of this accomodation is that of Eur 660,000 p.a.;
  3. To acquire and develop property in Central London so as to cater for those patients that are referred for treatment in specialised hospitals located in the area.

In view of these realities, it is with great pleasure and immense gratitude to announce that PBS is for the fourth consecutive year helping the Puttinu Cares Foundation by dedicating the programme Xarabank for the Foundation’s cause. The programme is scheduled to be aired on Good Friday, 25th March at 21.00.

To this effect, Puttinu Cares is appealing for your support during this special Xarabank edition. Contributions that organisations or companies make to the Foundation in access of Eur 500, will be publicly announced during this edition of Xarabank. Additionally the logos of such organisations or companies will be displayed during this live broadcast when the contributions are announced by the presenter. Furthermore, the organisations’ or companies’ logos will be permanently displayed on the block itself. The latter will also apply, when organisations or companies make a donation of Eur 250 to Eur 499 to the Puttinu Cares Foundation prior to this broadcast.

Further information regarding this initiative may be obtained by contacting the team on the following:

E : [email protected]

W: http://www.puttinucares.org/

Whilst thanking you in advance for your generosity, we await your feedback.

The Management,

Parker Randall Turner

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