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Strengthening Market Entry and Internationalisation

Objective of the Scheme

The objective of this scheme is to assist undertakings in accessing foreign markets through the exploration of growth opportunities overseas, whilst creating business contacts and consolidating existing markets.

This scheme seeks to achieve this objective through the allocation of funding to undertakings when these participate in international trade events, fairs or trade missions.

In this regard, we have extracted some important criteria from Malta Enterprise’s guidelines in order to provide you with further information in relation to this scheme.

Maximum Aid and Applicable aid intensity

The total aid that may be granted to a single undertaking is limited to €30,000 in any fiscal year. Malta Enterprise may part-finance eligible costs at a rate of 40% in the case of large undertakings and at a rate of 50% in the case of Small or Medium Sized undertakings.

Supported Actions

This incentive supports business undertakings in developing their international competitiveness by supporting the development of new markets. An undertaking may be supported in:

– building partnerships and business relations through participation in (1) trade fairs, (2) networking meetings, (3) trade missions and other similar events;

– the implementation for a holistic (4) market development plan covering a period of at least 12 months which should lead to developing and/or enhancing the undertaking’s market competencies and knowledge.

Eligible Costs

1) Participation in Trade Fairs and Similar Events

Part-financing may be approved on the following costs which would be incurred for participation in trade fairs and similar events where an undertaking’s products and/or services are being exhibited for the purpose of building trade relationships with other business ventures:

– Rental of exhibition space and/or stand;
– Subcontracted stand construction services;
– Rental of display aids;
– Freight expenses incurred for shipping materials and exhibits required to setup and run the exhibition space and/or stand;
– Travel costs covering a representative (employee or director) of the undertaking required to manage exhibition space and/or stand.

A per diem based on the rates set in Appendix A of the Malta Enterprise guidelines, shall be granted to cover the days of the trade fair or event.

2) Participation in Networking and Business Development Meetings

Undertakings participating in formal networking and business development meetings organised by third parties may receive part financing on the following costs:

– Travel costs incurred by one representative (employee or director) of the undertaking participating in the meeting;
– Cost of registration for the event incurred by one representative (employee or director) of the undertaking participating in the meeting.

A per diem for each day in which the representative is engaged directly in meetings with potential business partners, but not exceeding a maximum of 3 days, may also be granted. The per diem shall be based on the rates set in Appendix A.

3) Participation in Trade missions

Undertakings participating in a trade mission organised or approved by Malta Enterprise may receive part financing of travel cost incurred by one representative (employee or director) of the undertaking participating in the mission.

A per diem based on the rates set in Appendix A, shall be granted to cover the days of the approved trade mission.

4) Market Preparedness and Development

Market preparedness and development actions can only be supported if they are clearly identified in a holistic market development plan covering a period of at least 12 months. The following costs are approved as identified in a business development plan submitted by the undertaking:

– Translation of publicity material and product information from Maltese or English into other languages;

– Design and development of marketing material for promoting the enterprises products and services in the applicable target markets (Printing costs are not eligible for funding);

– Participation fees for attending a trade fair or similar event;

– Travel costs by a representative (employee or director) of an undertaking attending a trade fair (or similar event) or pre-determined business meetings. If the travel exceeds 24 hours a per diem for one day may also be granted. The per diem shall be based on the rates set in Appendix A of the Malta Enterprise guidelines;

– Travel costs and hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast) costs for a maximum of 3 days incurred for financing potential business partners to visit an undertaking’s premises in Malta or participating in an event organised by an undertaking in Malta.

Support may be granted only on costs incurred in relation to one representative from any potential business partner. All costs must be incurred directly through an airline, travel agent or hotel.

Eligible Undertakings

This incentive is open to undertakings engaged in an economic activity in Malta. Except in the case of entrepreneurs in the process of establishing a new business, applicants should be registered with the Value Added Tax Department and expecting an annual turnover of over €7,000 per annum.

Eligible trade events, fairs and trade missions

Support may be approved for part financing eligible costs incurred for the participation in:

– Business to Business international trade events and fairs where the applicant is present as an exhibitor with a managed promotional stand, promoting the undertaking’s products and services. Small start-up undertakings and undertakings that are mainly focused on the local market may also be supported to visit trade events or as long as they form part of a contingent managed by Malta Enterprise or whilst being mentored by an established exporter participating in the event.

– Events organised specifically by international organisations for the purpose of seeking project partners, venture capital or business angel financing in relation to a potential business opportunity.

– Trade missions organised or approved by Malta Enterprise. Trade missions may include delegations organised for the purpose of better promoting business links between regions or supporting undertakings in developing their export potential and knowledge of specific markets.

Ineligible Undertakings and costs

The following entities are not eligible for funding under this scheme:

– Public entities;
– Applicants that have not complied with the obligations or conditions set by Malta Enterprise with respect to any other support granted previously;
– Applicants defaulting on Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, National Insurance, and rent payment to Government;
– Persons or undertakings engaged in activities specifically excluded under the applicable State Aid regulations;
– Undertakings in difficulty (vide Section 6 of ME Guidelines);
– Voluntary organisations;
– Applicants participating in events providing a direct sale channel to consumers;
– Applicants participating in seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings of associations or other similar gatherings;
– Applicants engaged in gambling (including online betting and casinos);
– Applicants engaged in the trading or manufacturing of arms and military equipment and related services.

Undertakings engaged in the following sectors are only eligible to receive funding when participating in specific contingents coordinated or endorsed by Malta Enterprise. The eligibility of undertakings engaged in these sectors shall be defined in the public information made available by Malta Enterprise in respect to individual events, fairs or missions:

– Wholesale and retail trade;
– Medical services;
– Real estate;
– Tourism activities, including hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators and
related activities;
– Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities;
– Sports activities, and amusement and recreation activities;
– Financial and insurance activities;
– Legal and accounting activities.

Deadlines and Duration of the Incentive

Unless the trade event, fair or mission is being coordinated by Malta Enterprise, applications should arrive at Malta Enterprise at least 3 months before the first day of the trade event, fair or mission. The aid scheme terminates on the 31st December 2017.

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