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Personal Taxation

We advise clients on matters relating to personal taxation. This involves completing personal tax returns, advising clients on their personal tax matters and assisting them with both local and international tax advice. 

Through Parker Russell International we assist clients with their personal taxation requirements throughout the jurisdictions where our network has a presence.  Our network is an expert in cross-border taxation where we have a thorough understanding of tax laws of all countries involved in order to help our clients with the worldwide tax services required.

We are also there to assist clients when they fall behind with their tax compliance requirements, and we are available to liaise with the Malta Inland Revenue Department to help our clients get back in line with their tax obligations.  We help our clients in entering into agreements with the tax authorities when this is required.

Our services also extend to helping our clients with the International Tax Unit, where we assist our international clients in obtaining their tax refunds and in fulfilling all their obligations in Malta. Malta’s Personal tax varies depending on one’s income, one’s status and residency.

In the case that a person is resident in Malta, he or she will be charged according to the following rates:

Please note that the status of one’s person is determined in the following manner:

  • If one is not married, or married but both spouses work and earn a similar pay he or she shall fall under the SINGLE RATE;

  • If one is married and only one spouse works regardless of whether the spouses have children or not, he or she shall fall under the MARRIED RATES;

  • If one is married with both spouses working and have children, or if one is not married but is a single parent he or she shall fall under the PARENT RATES,

On the other hand if one is a non-resident he or she shall be charged according to the following rates: