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Work Trial Scheme for Youths

This scheme has been launched through a collaboration between the Ministry for Gozo, the Ministry for Education and Jobsplus. The theme of the scheme is ‘Enhancing employment and economic activity in Gozo. A scheme to stimulate and attract the youth unemployed and inactive persons in the labour market.’

Aid Intensity

Applicants who will be eligible for the scheme, shall receive a grant of Eur 75 per week for a total of Eur 450 for six (6) weeks. A total of one hundred twenty (120) hours shall be worked by the participants split into twenty (20) hours per week. The ETC shall issue the payment of the grant upon presentation of the attendance sheet. This must be submitted to the ETC by not later than the 9th September 2016.

Eligible Criteria

The following criteria need to be met by the participant and the work experience provider to be eligible for the scheme:

1) Job seekers who are between 16 and 20 years of age, who are attending any Educational Institution (Secondary School, Mcast, ITS, Junior College and University), are eligible to apply;

2) For applicants to be considered as eligible for the scheme, they shall be registering as unemployed on Part 1 or are inactive. In the case of the latter, a ‘Certificate of Registration’ needs to be obtained from the Social Security department, and needs to be submitted with the application form. This document needs to bear the applicant’s Social Security number;

3) The work experience provider needs to be registered with the Employment & Training Corporation (ETC) and the work exposure which they will provide to the participants, needs to be in Gozo;

4) The work experience providers may be private companies, NGO’s or Voluntary Organisations;

5) The maximum amount of participants that may be engaged by a private company depends on the number of existing employees engaged by the company. This shall be as follows:

Number of Current EmployeesMaximum Participants
0Not Eligible
Between 1 and 51
Between 5 and 92
10 and over3
NGOs / Voluntary with no employees1

6) By submitting this application the work experience provider shall be assuming the responsibility of the well being and safety of the participant/s at the place of work.

Closing Date and Timeframes

This scheme shall be open from Monday 20th June at 8am and will close on Friday 24th June at 12pm.
The timeframe in which the work experience shall be offered, is for six (6) weeks, from Monday 25th July 2016 to Friday 2nd September 2016. Eligibility of applications shall be on a first come first served basis up to a maximum of 350 applications.

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