Parker Russell International

Parker Russell International is an international network of Audit, Tax and Advisory firms. The international network had approached Turner Group in the year 2013 after the firm was shorlisted amongst other Audit and Accountancy firms in Malta. 

Our Network

The network is established on a sense of community whereby professionals offer various technical and support services providing member firms world class expertise which in turn the member firms pass on to their own clients. 

Parker Russell International is represented in more than 50 countries around the world through more than 100 offices, 2000 partners and staff members

Once Parker Russell Turner has become a member of Parker Russell International the umbrella brand Turner & Associates has been rebranded to Parker Russell Turner. The related entities of the firm include: 

  • NEO Consultant Limited – offering Accountancy and Advisory Services.

  • Innovative Business Solutions Limited offering Marketing and IT Services.

  • One2One Consulting Services Ltd – licenced as a Corporate Service Provider.
  • MyCommunications LTD – Full Marketing services

Parker Russell International is an alternative to the big 4 Audit and Accountancy firms around the world.

Board of Directors

The mission of the network is to have each independent firm share and combine resources and expertise to create a strong worldwide association with a broad scope of service which mission has made Parker Russell International a leader in global financial services.

Our diverse services are supported by professionals from different disciplines, including auditors, accountants, lawyers, marketers, and IT specialists. Particularly in auditing and accounting, we focus on recruiting and supporting individuals pursuing or holding ACCA degrees.

Our membership

TURNER group had been approached by the international network of Audit, Tax and Advisory firms, Parker Russell International. TURNER group had been approached after it had been shortlisted amongst other accountancy and audit firms in Malta.

Parker Russell International prides itself to provide a world class service through continuous personal attention to its clients, which are the same values TURNER group is built on. The sharing of these values together with benefits from which our clients will avail themselves from, have led TURNER group to become a proud member of this international network.

Member Firms

The network and its member firms pride themselves on the modern technology, which is the pillar on which the firms’ processes and procedures are built on. The network is established on a sense of community further to which, professionals unite to offer various technical and support services. These communities in the various specialized fields, provide member firms with world class expertise, consequently giving them the opportunity to continue to enhance their service offerings, which the member firms provide to their own clients.